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  • Senior Cat (6+)
  • Lap Cat
old Male DSH Mix
I've been at ARC for

Weight: 13.6 Pounds

My story:

Carhart is a gently, quiet fellow that often follows staff and visitors around wanting attention or simply to sit in their lap and be petted. He does not mind being picked up, held and snuggled. He is simply an all- around nice cat waiting for someone to love him forever. He is FIV positive.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is primarily transmitted through bite wounds. This means that it can be possible to house a cat with FIV with other cats without the virus, as long as they get along and it's a stable household. At ARC, all of our cats are tested for FIV and those with the virus live in a special house dedicated just to them. Cats with FIV can have a normal lifespan and enjoy a healthy life, but may require more frequent veterinary care as they are more susceptible to upper respiratory infections and dental disease, among other things.

My ideal home:

I need a COMMITTED, loving home.

I'm good with:

  • A Quiet Home

I'm not good with: