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old Male DSH Mix
I've been at ARC for

Weight: 12.4 Pounds

My story:

Look at those beautiful eyes!  We took Casper in from LCDAS, as they were nearing capacity, and we didn't want him to be euthanized.  He was found running stray in Lee County.  Casper is a Special Needs kitty, as he is FIV+.  ARC actually prides itself on having dedicated FeLV+ and FIV+ buildings for felines with these diseases.  This being the case, unless he was paired with another FIV+ kitty, Casper would have to be the only feline in your home to avoid transmitting the disease to another cat.  This does not, however, mean he can't enjoy a perfectly happy life in your home.  In fact, don't you think he deserves a home all that much more?  We do!  Give an FIV+ kitty a chance!

My ideal home:

I'd love a quiet home where I'm the only one to spoil!

I'm good with:

  • Other Cats
  • A Quiet Home

I'm not good with:

  • Children