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  • special needs
  • Playful
  • Lap Cat
old Female DMH Mix
I've been at ARC for

Weight: 8.9 Pounds

My story:

Parka has beautiful, piercing eyes.  They almost hypnotize you if you look long enough.  She is very playful, and good with other kitties in her house.

Parka is a Special Needs kitty, as she is FeLV+.  ARC actually prides itself on having dedicated FeLV+ and FIV+ buildings for felines with these diseases.  This being the case, Parka would have to be the only feline in your home to avoid transmitting the disease to another cat.  If you have another FeLV+ kitty, that would be ok also.  This does not, however, mean that she can't enjoy a perfectly happy life in your home.  In fact, don't you think she deserves a home all that much more?  We do!  Give an FeLV+ kitty a chance!

My ideal home:

I'd do well as the only kitty in the home, or paired with another FeLV kitty. I have plenty of life and love to give...

I'm good with:

  • Other Cats
  • A Quiet Home
  • An Active Home

I'm not good with: