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Blu - Adoption Pending!

Blu - Adoption Pending!

old Male Smooth-Coat Border Collie Mix
I've been at ARC for

Weight: 34.6 Pounds

My story:

Blu is an amazing doggie!  He is a beautiful Smooth-Coat Border Collie Mix.  He is extremely intelligent and very active.  He was surrendered to us because of a new baby in the household with allergies.  As a border collie, Blu is very active and hyper vigilant.  He is a herding dog, and as such feels at his very core, that he has a "job" to do.

As of 2/18/18, Blu is still getting used to life at the shelter.  He has not quite come all the way out of his shell yet.  He is doing very well with women, other dogs, and some men.  He definitely still needs some time to relax and adapt to his environment, though.

Because of his current nervous personality, any potential adopter will be required to put some time (multiple visits) in at ARC getting to know Blu.  We will not send him to a new family without feeling very confident in his comfort.  As a young herding breed, we will also be particular about his adoptive situation.  Blu will require a young, active family with a lot of time to devote to him.  If this sounds like your family, feel free to apply below!  We'd love to find the RIGHT home for this wonderful pup.

My ideal home:

A young, active home with time to devote to making me feel loved and at home...

I'm good with:

  • Most Other Dogs
  • Cats
  • Women

I'm not good with: