ARC Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in The Animal Refuge Center (ARC) Foster Program. This is a brief overview of our program. It will help you decide if a foster pet or pets will fit into your home. The foster program was implemented to help provide temporary shelter for an adoptable animal when the shelter is at maximum capacity or for underage pets not old enough for adoption or pets needing tender loving care, socialization and/or obedience training. This program also applies to rescue groups. Before becoming a foster parent, there are some things you need to know and consider:

  1. You must be in compliance with all local ordinances. Foster animals of ARC will leave the shelter with a current license, rabies vaccination and current booster vaccinations.
  2. We recommend an isolation area at least for the first few days. Although we attempt to foster only healthy animals, we cannot guarantee pets will be 100% disease or parasite free. The foster parent should report any health or medical problems to ARC when observed. ARC will make arrangements for the animal to be seen by the ARC or local veterinarian at no cost to the foster parent. The foster parent agrees to be responsible for any out of pockets expenses incurred if you seek veterinary services from your personal veterinarian.
  3. ARC will assist in providing initial pet food, supplies and other necessities to the foster parent for the pet, but the foster family will need to assume these expenses once initial supplies have been depleted. Only the type of food/treats specified by ARC may be given.
  4. The pet is required to remain in the foster parent's custody at all times unless otherwise authorized by ARC. All pets are required to wear proper identification (provided) and be housed indoors.
  5. Potential foster families agree to have a home inspection performed by an ARC agent prior to being approved as a foster parent. 

Please take a few minutes to fill out this application, which is part of an evaluation procedure that also includes an interview and an on-site visit by an ARC Foster Specialist. Once the evaluation is completed, ARC will render a decision on your application.

Being an animal lover, you will quickly see that the questions being asked are to ensure fostering volunteers have the necessary expertise and ability and that we have the necessary information to place the right pet with the right volunteer. With careful screening of both our volunteers and pets we hope to avoid potential problems and make a great match for the success of the Foster Program. 

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You understand the decision to foster any particular animal offered by ARC rests solely with you. You understand that you are not financially responsible for any required veterinary care. You will not hold ARC, its employees or its Board Members responsible for any damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly by any pets you foster.
You agree to follow the foster and adoption process as described in the contract you sign at the time of fostering. You understand that you must return all fostered animals at the request of ARC and are not permitted to release any animals from your care without permission from ARC.
By typing your full name in the box below you certify that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Animal Refuge Center Foster Application.