Our Residents : Canines

Welcome to our Canine Resident Gallery!  We have an amazing collection of ages, shapes, sizes and personalities.  We truly have someone for everyone!  We love our residents more than anything in the world, and our ultimate goal for each and every one of them, is to find them their Forever Home, or at least a wonderful Foster Home.  In each dog's biography, you will find their personal statistics, as well as a real-time accounting of how long they've been at ARC.  

Many of these beautiful dogs have been with us for years, for no reason other than they've simply been overlooked!  These dogs ALL deserve a chance at a happy and loving home outside of the shelter.  PLEASE!... Consider taking one of them home! 

Dogs marked Medical Hold are usually on our mandatory 10 day intake quarantine.  

Dogs with a Red Ribbon on their bio photo are undergoing treatment for heartworms, and more information is available in their biography.  

Dogs marked Bio Pending are on site to meet, and just haven't had all of their biographical details updated yet.

Dogs marked Adop Pending have recently been adopted, but we wait a couple of weeks before removing their bio to make sure their new home is working out.